COVID-19 pandemic resulted into cancellations and closures in Calgary

After the Government of Alberta has limited the public gathering to 15 people, lots of events have been postponed or cancelled. Recreation facilities are also closed.

In Alberta, the first case of COVID-19 came out in the first week of March. After that the Government of Alberta has started making strict decisions to slow down the spread. It includes limiting the number of people in gatherings.

Private organizers cancelled the events. Business owners temporarily shut down their business. Most of the recreational places got closed after 15th of March.

The calendar below shows the list of some places and businesses who made the decision to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

The City of Calgary has also announced a local state of emergency, resulting in closure of all city owned recreational facilities.

The following map shows some recreational centres which are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Food industry is also going through really hard times. Restaurants are shutting down and laying off their employees. It is also hurting people who are habitual to eat food from outside. Some people are unable to cook food daily, so they have to order it from different restaurants.

Following map shows some of the 4 plus rated restaurants which are still open but only providing delivery or take-out services.

Event cancelation is still going on. The City of Calgary has cancelled all city organized events till June 30. List of events can be found here.

List of other private organized events is getting bigger. Global News is maintaining a list of events that has been postponed or cancelled. Look here.

The City has also cancelled permits for third party events that were set to be held on city’s land through June 30. Also, it is not accepting any applications for permits for future events until further notice.

If the date for cancellations will be extended past June 30, City will let Calgarians and organizers know by May 5.

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