Alberta Energy War room is facing oppositions since its inauguration.

War room has been in operation for a month, and it has turned into a laughingstock for number of reasons.

So far we have seen, it’s a complete failure.” said Irfan Sabir MLA Calgary McCall and Official opposition Critic for Energy and Natural gas. “This is a complete misuse public funds and complete abuse of power that needs to be stopped.”

According to Sabir, Government of Alberta has cut the funding for education and health care. It has started funding 30 Million per year to an organization that Albertans don’t need. Alberta Energy War room also known as Canadian Energy Centre is a provincial government corporation, but is overseen by three cabinet ministers on its board of directors.

“They said we do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information on their website,” said Sabir. “But they have committed to provide a rapid response and accurate information about our oil and gas industry.”

War room become a headline due to its logo before it starts operating. It was a modification of a US based company’s logo. Another embarrassing thing was to impersonate their staff as reporters. Canadian Association took an action on that.

Tom Olsen CEO and Managing director of Canadian Energy Centre, a Journalist and a former candidate of UCP for Calgary-Buffalo has said on War room’s website that “it is a crown corporation.” But according to Sabir it’s not. Moreover, when he was interviewed during its opening he said, “our job is discrediting truth.” But actually, its job is to discredit untrue things.

Parmeet Singh Boparai former NDP candidate for Calgary-Falconridge said, “if something’s launch is not good then how it will be working good.” “They will hurt our Oil and Gas instead of advocating or promoting it.”

War room does not come under FOIP (Freedom of information and privacy). It means nobody will be able to get information regarding its budget, activities etc.

“This is totally undemocratic, there is no transparency of its operations.” “Tax payers will never know where their money is being spend by War room.”

According to Dhaliwal, TIER Technical Innovation and Emission Reduction will be a source of funding 20 Million of its revenue for it and another 10 Million will be taken from Government’s advertising fund. Which means they will be spending 82 Thousand per day. Officials from War room are saying that they will be promoting Alberta’s Oil and Gas, which will lead to more investment in Alberta.

Whenever someone talks about Oil and Gas Albertans become sensational, that sensationalism will bring votes.Raj Dhaliwal

“Organisations like Canadian Association of Petroleum and Canadian Energy Pipeline Association are already doing that work,” said Dhaliwal. “We do not need any other organisation or corporation to do this job.” “Canadian Energy Centre is a UCP’s brainchild to politicise that Alberta’s Oil and Gas is under attack,” he added.

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